So much more

What we do at Sagiure goes well beyond legal counsel. Our clients want the best results from their investment in people to ensure their success. This means how you organize your workforce both now and in the future is important to us too. 

Employees can make or break a company. How do you attract the right ones, and train and school them? Keep them happy and motivated? And cooperate smoothly with trade unions and the works council?

Acclimatizing quickly to a different culture around labor is vital to this. And we facilitate in every way we can. For example, we organize short management courses on employment culture in the Netherlands. What you can expect from employees and their representatives, how they think, and how to respond to them. 

At Sagiure, we make connections, not just with other legal professionals, but also with completely different disciplines. All as part of a complete labor management package from a trusted business partner.

We believe that whatever moves you along the path towards your goal is part of our job.

Our key areas of advice and assistance include

  • All aspects throughout the lifecycle of an employment relationship from the recruitment phase up to and including any issues arising after termination of an employment contract
  • Service, management and other work related contracts including any issues arising from these
  • Business restructuring and mass redundancies
  • Transfer of undertaking and in/outsourcing
  • Employment and HR expertise in M&A transactions and setting up a business in the Netherlands
  • Drafting contracts and enforcing restrictive covenants to protect business interests and trade secrets
  • Collective bargaining agreements, trade unions and collective actions
  • Employee participation and co-determination rights (works council, workers’ representation, trade unions)
  • Design, compliance and changes to company policies and in-house documentation and scoping
  • Remuneration systems
  • Board and senior level appointments and dismissals
  • International assignments and Business Immigration Contract structuring for international assignments and business immigration
  • Employment disputes and individual dismissals
  • Equality and diversity
  • Payrolling, secondment
  • Global mobility
  • Business Immigration and Work Permits