We are Sagiure

If dealing with labor issues in foreign countries seems daunting, you are not alone. At least not with Sagiure. An independent law firm based in the heart of Amsterdam, we are a tightly-knit team of labor law specialists, with true personal commitment to the best possible service and going the extra mile.

If there is already a specific matter to attend to, we will work tirelessly with you to achieve the optimum outcome. Yet we much prefer to work with our clients throughout the labor lifecycle to achieve what they want well ahead of any problems.

Tell us your plans, and we will tell you your exposure, what it is going to cost, and the risks. Tell us what you want, and we will make it happen. We will be concrete and clear, and never overcomplicate or say it can’t be done. We will listen carefully and, when we truly understand where you are at, take you step by step to where you want to be.

While our forte is labor & contract law, for related areas, such as tax and corporate law, we choose from some of the best legal minds in the business to suit you and your situation. Experts who match our own commitment and dedication. We work with the big name law firms when that makes sense, yet retain all the benefits of the personal, committed approach.

Since our work often has a cross-border element, we have an international network of partners we personally know and trust across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, whom we can rely on to get results. And, acting as a project manager, we make sure they do.

We seek clients who value our dedication and commitment and reward us with their trust. Who are equally committed to us and our involvement in their success.

With us, you will always work with highly skilled, experienced, adaptable, motivated and dedicated people with your best interests at heart. 

At Sagiure, we truly want every client to feel they are our only client.