Renee Koster  |  Paralegal

Renee is part of SAGIURE’s legal team and currently studies Dutch civil law. Previously Renee studied International Business and Languages but felt her true calling lies in becoming a stellar lawyer. At SAGIURE Renee combines her international business mind-set in a legal context and by doing so she offers a business savvy edge to her legal work. She has exceptional communication skills and is a key player in providing frontline support to optimize case productivity and efficiency. We are truly proud to have Renee on our team. In that respect Renee represents SAGIURE at the international nework IR Global as part or the Rising Stars Program and received stellar reviews from some of the brightest legal minds in the international law industry. Renee is diligent, reliable, pro-active and service minded. Renee has a natural ability to identify opportunities to optimize legal processes, has genuine focus on clients’ interests and in maintaining and improving client relations. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Renee for any legal matters you may have.


“On a personal note, I feel completely at home here. On a professional side I am captivated by the international nature of the practice, the international contacts and the high quality of work that also comes with high expectations from me as a team member. I feel that I am being pushed to get the best out of myself and nothing but the best for our clients.”