Jos Pothof  |  Counsel

Jos has a wealth of experience in national and international employment issues.

Jos joined CMS, an alliance of major law firms, in 1977, where he has been a partner for 30 years. He specializes in Dutch and European Employment law and has managed a national and international practice, and has been head of the International Employment Group and a Management Team Member of the CMS Practice Area Group Employment and Pensions.

Jos was joined by Rachida in 2002 and Madeleine in 2005, and three legal experts have since forged a close and valuable partnership combining in-depth knowledge with extensive experience in national and international employment matters. 

Acting as counsel for SAGIURE, Jos also fulfills ancillary vice-chair and chairman positions at various institutions and corporations and actively provides legal support for major reorganizations, where he takes on the role of sparring partner for top management, works councils and trade unions.

Jos has contributed to various publications, including Employment Law in Europe (2002), Cross Border Transfers and Redundancies, (2005), Commentaar Arbeidsrecht (Commentary on Employment Law) (2006), a Study on the Application of Directive 2001/23/EC to Cross Border Transfers of Undertakings (2006) and Anti-Discrimination in Europe (2007).