Patrick Rojer  |  Advocaat / Counsel

Patrick is an expert in national and international contract and employment law.

Patrick brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to the SAGIURE team in August 2015. His no-nonsense approach to legal challenges ensures pragmatic, solution-driven support for his clients, who commend his ability to reduce complex legal issues to comprehensible advice. In his 18-year career, Patrick has advised on numerous matters relating to individual and collective employment, commercial contracts, asset purchase transactions, franchise agreements, and artist, publishing and management contracts.

Patrick is also a 4th degree black belt in the martial art Taekwondo and has been a member of the Dutch selection team and participated in international tournaments. A co-founder of the Taekwondo Sports Club, he has trained students of all ages to black belt level and been recognized for his work by the Korean Olympic Committee. Taekwondo promotes values such as honesty, courtesy, hard work, loyalty and cooperation. Patrick lives by these same values and upholds them equally in his profession as a lawyer.